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About AMC - affordable modular construction

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Modular housing - PDF presentation

Modular housing - PDF presentation

AMC is a startup company that specializes in the construction and assembly of modular family housing. We offer high-quality single- and multi-family homes by using a U.S. technology with proven track record in terms of quality, profitability and environmental efficiency.

We are a team of highly skilled architects, engineers, builders and designers who work in our own production facilities and ensure high-quality, long-term housing.

AMC offers a comprehensive service. We can find a suitable location for you and prepare the necessary building documentation. We take responsibility for the design project, the actual construction, landscaping and furnishing.

What is a modular home?

A modular home is a piece of housing which is manufactured in separate building components (modules) which are then taken to the place where the house will stand, and are then assembled on a foundation. A modular home looks like any other piece of quality housing, but due to its technology of manufacturing, it excels in terms of quality, construction speed, longevity, energy efficiency and price.

About the technology

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In building modular housing, AMC works according to a U.S. technology that has been in use for 12 years now. It is the first genuine modular construction technology which requires that only the foundation and outer covering of a building are done on site. All the remaining parts are manufactured in isolated, conditioned facilities, are then ferried to the place, and assembled. The insulated working environment guarantees the components' quality, subsequent precision of assembly and durability of the entire construction. Further, the technology ensures that manufacturing of the housing components is weather-independent and time-efficient. After the foundation has been laid, the entire set of prefab modules is assembled in up to seven days.